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Solution Against are a five piece, melodic punk band based in Nottingham, England. This motivated, young punk band consists of James Wright (Vocals), Robbie Tooth (Guitar), Gabriel Knott-Fayle (Guitar), Joe Shaw (Bass) and Tom Mcandrew (Drums).

Influenced largely by the 90’s Californian movement Solution Against predominantly blend a fusion of melodic, pop punk with a technical, high paced, skate punk edge. Achieving this without falling into the trap of creating generic or clichéd material and crafting a unique sound that incorporates each of the band members experiences and emotions towards music and life.

With a positive and fun attitude towards creating music that they all love and want to hear, Solution Against manage to stay true to creating music from and to inspire passion, whilst fighting to be heard against the tidal wave of sound that is the indie-rock scene. Solution Against achieve and retain the drive to do this with the knowledge that there are young people around the world who have the same raw desire inside them to hear, feel and be part of the pure, passionate sound of melodic punk.


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