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is a Metal band originated from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Formed in early 2007, Daarchlea was the first band for each of it’s member. In the first stage, Daarchlea only consist of Emme and Zizie. However, in pursuit to achieve their dreams of having their own band, they searched for members to complete the band’s line up. This effort was quite complicated because it was hard to find someone who has the same interest of music that suits the band’s taste and someone who can play the type of music that Daarchlea’s delivering. Yet after a few months of searching,Daarchlea finally found it’s member and had completed it’s line up. One by one ,each members with similar interests as Emme and Zizie had showed up. Aiem, followed by his good friend, Emiey joined Daarchlea.As the search continued, they found Ayie to take the position as the drummer. The line up almost completed except that there was one position left to be filled which was the vocalist. It wasn’t easy to find someone talented and committed enough for this position. But with luck and persistence, they finally found, Firdz and pursue him to join Daarchlea as the lead singer, and as the official front man of the band.

Together with Emme as the mastermind, lead guitarist and song writer for Daarchlea, this band finally consist of Firdz (Lead singer), Zizie (Guitars), Aiem (Bass), Emiey (Keys), and Ayie (Drums). The band’s sounds evolved from symphonic metal to a much cleaner and more ‘produced’ tunes of symphonic black metal, blackened death metal, and other extreme metal styles. Daarchlea’s sound is more to metal, with it’s fast and progressive guitar riffings, mixed with it’s Symphonic and Melodic keyboards element, it’s fast drum beating and deep growls combined with high pitch screeching on it’s vocals while their lyrical and imagery themes are heavily influenced by the gothic literature, poetry, nature, love, death and horror. Although Daarchlea had been labeled as black metal/ melodic black metal


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