rozhovory, články a všetko o metale


At first CDC (cemetery dance club) begin their journey in early 2007. They started with their first formation which is Boki, Abet, Bona,osky, beethoven and widhi.

They begin writing songs and playing in many indie music scenes in indonesia.
Their music is like metal and dancing mix together with little bit of soul in it or they like to called it trance metal.

Now in 2009, CDC started again with new formation :

Audrio Susanto: beat the bass
Alvin Eka Putra: bang the drum
Ivan Victor Lucas: guitar shredder
Kazumasa Albert: Guitar goddest
Bona Rodriguez: microphone kisser
Rizky Sulfian: press the synth button

Their journey now begin to rising up. They’re playing in many gigs in every scenes. And  they’re  havi ng their hit single called “wounds”. (for downloading our demo)


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