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Illidiance- biography


ILLIDIANCE – Russia’s best-known Cyber Metal act that rocks out catchy, original, and technical alternative metal of the millennium – was formed back in 2005. The raw power and the atmosphere of ILLIDIANCE’s music is easily comparable to the likes of The Kovenant, Fear Factory, and Sybreed. As of today the band has released two full-length albums, namely “Insane Mytheries To Demise” (2006) and “Nexaeon” (2008), which together sold over 5000 copies. The act also took part in the Brutal Assault festival compilation in 2006 that sold another 6000 copies worldwide.

Throughout the years of its successful stage career ILLIDIANCE wheeled all over European Russia with solo tours, as well as played at concerts and festivals in other CIS and Eastern European countries. ILLIDIANCE has had the privilege of sharing the stage with such well-known international bands as Rotting Christ, Grave Digger, Thy Disease, Shenight, Deathstars, and went on tours with Hate, Grave, Behemoth, and Crionics. In addition to that ILLIDIANCE have already played twice at one of Europe’s best known festivals: Brutal Assault v11 (2006) and Brutal Assault v13 (2008).

The press has also totally embraced the music and the status of the act. For instance, according to the 1Rock magazine: «ILLIDIANCE is today one of the most promising modern/cyber metal acts on the Russian stage», their first release “Insane Mytheries…” was reviewed at 9/10 by the Dark City magazine and 5/5 by М-Magazine, while “Nexaeon” received 9 points out of 10 in Whiplashmag, and scored “Album of the Month” at Terroraiser (Belarus).

In 2009 ILLIDIANCE became the 1st runner-up of the Nation-wide «Na Vzlyot» contest competing against more than 1000 rock-bands. In 2007 the band won the Rock nomination at a contest held by Russia’s Ministry of Culture in Southern Russia, while in January 2009 they finished as No.2 in a contest held by Metal Radio, with over 500 other Russian bands participating.

Right now ILLIDIANCE is putting finishing touches to their third release and are getting ready to enter the studio. The band is also planning on some special guest appearances for their new record, with potential guests from Japan and the UK, as well as members of Russia’s leading alternative acts. Once that is sorted out, the act is set to hit the road in support of their new record in Russia and Europe.

For interview requests and additional promo materials please contact:

Band contacts:
Dmitry «Xyrohn» Shkurin
tel.: +7 909 419 77 35


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