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Podom 13- biography

Early from importance of study two personnel (Apiss & Firman) coming from Riau and wish to continue Field town study, later then come in contact with Alex which actually have is same hobby.because it’s true both of the same like music finally agree to form a band. Later Then succeed to huddle up Defilt(ifrid), which is on that moment still become personnel on other band (ifrid). We also agree with give the name of PODOM which is on that moment is we take away from habit of everyday us that is messing together with vegetable rice of menu (PODOM), and enhance number (13) as luck number ( people spell out members that out of bad number)

Early year 2007 , in our April first time for show live simply discharging to oppress in chest after practice many times. Only several times show, because importance of work and difficult divide time to two band at the same time, finally we huddle up Jawwa and opening replace defilt(ifrid)In have music to of PODOM 13 also emphasize Solidarity meaning, familiarity and Friendship. Besides freedom of have masterpiece to in band so that to be created by partner in have music. We consistent to also chosen band of UNDERGROUND, with carry struggle songs , social, everyday life and criticism which is tidy us in nuance of PUNKROCK. Target of us to serve hymn and songs to be enjoyed to with and invite young people to be more understand about PUNK, what wanted by benefit and him and also the target of to their self.With this music is we also emphasize the existence of a idea which must be holded by firmness by all punkers in experiencing its days look for what he wish in life. Attendance of PODOM 13 also we hope can enhance again generation of UNDERGROUND which always struggle to go forward in the middle of is fast of him growth of music genre and ideology consume all hollow music at National trend of indonesia specially west sumatera , in order not to until misdirection and accept without filtering it little.

Music Concept

Pursuant to fact that our world dwell happened so much dilemma , there is sorrowful, happy, dark and bold. We try to lift every angle corner of that side and packs him in music wrapping of HAPPY PUNK, equally although story which we serve in song about sorrow but we remain to submit him of with easier and blithe digested by human being brain which have the honour to hear and will thingking. Peep at about defence, struggle , social, everyday fact and criticism even also

Band Members

ApiZz – Guitar/voX
Firman Cno – Guitar/voX
Alex as Father – Bass/vox
Jawwa – Drum


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