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DEAD EYES GLOW – founded in mid 2006 (6.6.6) by five hardcore passionate friends, who would love to act out their greatest passion in their lives, the loud and heavy music!. It’s all started when Aren back to his hometown (Kuala Terengganu) and decided to form a new metal/hardcore with his brother Apit, and represent the east coast hc. The search of the new lines didn’t take ate their time since Naza,Munk and Naem are hang out in the same place and shares the same interest in music. In December 08, Zack had joined the band as a vocals, cocurrent with line up reinforcement purposes.In March 09, Naem had officialy left the band due to his personnel matters. Naxa K had officially joined the bands on July 09 and take a bassist position as his respondsiblity in order to give more space for Munk to concentrate his new working career. However, Munk will keep on working on new stuff for the band for time to time. Inspired by current crop English Metal bands such as Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, The Eyes Of A Traitor, Your City Is Forgotten & Centurion, they’re ambitiously working on their stuff in order to express their emotions and beliefs. Born,raised and struggled from the small town of east coast Malaysia (Kuala Terengganu) is only making them stifferr in bringing the different storm to Malaysian metal/hardcore scene. The name itself is a symbolic phrase for their daily poison’s life. daily life as a small community in the small town across the east of peninsular Malaysia, which no one really knows what will it takes to survive over there.

Delivering a crossbreeds tunes between death metal and technical hardcore with influenced by progressive chromatic approaching, heavy riffing, sick blast beats and their genuine emotion pouting, Dead Eyes Glow delights with a passionate and dynamic stage performance. This raw energy aligned with a powerful and intense hardcore/metal music is a big character of the band. The long march had just begin for Aren,Apix,Munk, Naza G, Naxa K and Zack, and here they are standing up with arms to arms! .

Dead eyes Glow is:S

Zack as Vocals

Apit as Guitarist

Naza G as Guitarist & Backup Vocals

Naxa K as Bassist

Aren as Drummer

Munk as Sessionist

Dead Eyes Glow is available at the following sites:





Watch Dead Eyes Glow Online TV at the following site:



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  1. thanx a lot anna!!!!!

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