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Regime- biography


We started this band in 2006, with original line up. the band was found by our drummer (Ad) and our ex guitarist (Rock). then they find a new members to join them to play bass and first guitar, ajis and brian.. they compose 2 songs without a vocal. after 3 month they found a new vocalist fir the band, she is know as Lian. after one show with REGIME, lian has to quit the band because she got her own problem. then the void has been filled by cik petung.

after regime release the EP (MALAYSIAN DREAM) 2008 bob devide to leave this band. after a few month cik petung also decide to leave the band, because she have a own problem. the new line up for REGIME are Ezza as a vocal. Ad as a drummer, Ajis as a guitar, Maman as a bassist and Haikal as a guitar… REGIME currently recording for they first album that been scaduale to be release by next year in 2010… our influence are August burns red, Texas in july, Metallica and Tan sri P. Ramlee…..


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  2. cool but u need upload new line up photos

  3. Interesting, never thought of it like that

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