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The Art Corner

The Art Corner Biography

The band had inadvertently in August 2009, by coincidence we went to school the same, and is formed when there are events that forced our school we formed a band quickly. formed early in this band is Rico (Jamet) as a vocalist, Lutfi (Bangpi) as vocalist / Screamo / growling, Yusman as a guitarist, Hazmi (Pucung) as a guitarist, a bassist Arief (but this time he left the band and can not be continue longer with us) and Ghozi (Onta) as a drummer, and we do not currently have a new bassist and only assisted by some of our friends to fill the vacancy in the position of bassist.

Then we immediately made a song called “still waiting” (can be heard on our myspace profile) and played a stream of pop punk Screamo. because the opinions of our friends who value a good band, and we decided to go through this band seriously, and creating our second song, entitled “Open your eyes” (also can be heard on our myspace profile) and then we determine the band’s name is “The Art Corner” which means we are creating art in the corner, the corner which we mean we hangout with friends of our school while we were home from school.

Our last really hope that our music and the band can be accepted by the public and can be successful because we have the same goal which is to be a rock star.

The Art Corner Songs

We have already recorded two songs entitled “Still Waiting” (which may now be our single) and “Open Your Eyes

Our songs can be heard on our myspace profile at

and also downloaded in

Still Waiting at and
Open Your Eyes at

The Art Corner Personnel

1. Rico Fajri as a Vocalist,
2. Muhamad Lutfi Basa as a Back Vocals / Screamo / Growling,
3. Julyusman Tanurrezal as a Lead Guitarist,
4. Hazmi Habib Rafsanjani as a Rhtym Guitarist, and
5. Muhammad Ghozi Harhara as a Drummer

You also can check and join the group “The Art Corner” on facebook at


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