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Sin decide

Sin-Decide is a Punk Pop / melodic indie band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Exactly at Jayabaya University who formed in 2006, preceded by a band called X-Ray which cover such songs like NUFAN, The Ataris, NOFX etc. It was finally agreed to change its name to Sin-Decide which means: to decide for the good of sin, a philosophy which is very close to everyday life, trying to exist in punk pop / rock and melodic scene which are already etched in every song of Sin-Decide… and yup … we are ready to face the world with the way of Punk Rock!

Influences     : The Ataris, No Use For A Name, Speak Up, Kuro, Sendal Jepit,           Konflik, nofx, Millencolin, Rufio

Sounds Like   : Pop Punk meets Punk Rock

Sin-Decide has 10 song:

  1. This Story (1st Single, quite popular among fans of the sin-decide)
  2. Neverending Inspiration
  3. Aku Malu
  4. Trendy Girls
  5. Tak Pasti
  6. Kucoba
  7. Last Song
  8. Jangan Katakan
  9. When I Was 17 Years Old
  1. Broken Song

Currently Sin-Decide “is looking for a label to release our first album, Sin-Decide” is ready to become a professional musician and consistent in Punk-Pop genre.

BAND MEMBERS of Sin-decide :

PRIMZ : Vocal/Guitar


Favourites : The Ataris, NOFX

Japlux : play shit of the Drum

Born    : Jakarta, Nov 24th 1987

Email   :

Favourites : Green Day, Blink 182

KriS : Bass

Born    : Jakarta, March 18th 1987

Email   :

Favourites : NUFAN, The Ataris

Sin-Decide also perform in a few gigs:

  • melodic+punkrawk part 3 2007
  • Fikomdays 2008 soul of art for charity (Univ Jayabaya)
  • Lesehan Amal for charity (Rutin Tiap Tahun)
  • YAI Economic Music Festival 2008
  • And a few other gigs

Contact Person:

We Need A Manager…

PRIMA : 08561248709



for more information you can chat with us on YM:


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  1. Guys…we need your support…

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