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29. januára 2010

A long time ago. In the town on the Vistula … Good that would not extend:) Slaw “mushroom” guitar solo. Marcin “small” Malecki guitar. Daniel “Bob” Nowakowski bass. Krzysztof “poppies” Makowski gary. And singer Fareduil “Boris” Tusdar. Common fame and a small play began in the 90 team,, TCHE castle,. The band as it is […]

From the sky- biography

24. januára 2010

Band From The Sky was created in two phases. Soul of the band was created when guitarist Matej grasped his guitar and set the roots of his project Eradicate. Later, Matej with his Brother Tomáš were playing in their house where the first ideas were produced and also the first recordings. Physical phorm of the […]


10. januára 2010

Still Disorder

10. januára 2010

Still disorder is a group of metal/deathcore coming from Lille,in France,made up of Mou and Julien (guitar) Mathieu (bass) skull (vocals) and Loic(drums).The band was born at the beginning of year 09. In October 2009, Jusse replaces Loic on drums. As soon as the line up is complete, the band quickly and seriously undertakes in […]

AS ashes fall

8. januára 2010

Through the years we remained,we’ve changed our direction musically,mixes hardcore and metal by keeping the directness and aggression of hardcore in tact while packing that metal tightness and punch in our sound. Influenced heavily by the likes of As I Lay Dying, Caliban,I Killed The Prom Queen and even Atreyu. We are now writing a […]

Infested Blood

7. januára 2010


5. januára 2010

Vidian is a band founded in Bydgoszcz, PL by Mały (drums) and Sinner (lead guitar) in mid 2008. After first joint rehearsal everything went very fast and in early 2009 band prepared some tracks, Sauat – new vocalist – joins the group, later, in March 2009, Vidian finds their bass player – Dexter, and second […]

Altaria – Invitation [2003] download

4. januára 2010

Tracklist: 01 – Unicorn 02 – History of Times to Come 03 – Ravenwing 04 – Innocent 05 – Wrath of a Warchild 06 – Kingdom of the Night 07 – Fire & Ice 08 – House of My Soul 09 – Immortal Disorder 10 – Here I Am 11 – Emerald Eye Link:

Adgar – Tiempos de Cambio [2008] download

4. januára 2010

Tracklist 01. Revolucion 02. Rosa con Espinas 03. Has Cambiado 04. Heavy Metal 05. Eternamente Joven 06. Esa Mirada Triste 07. Nostalgia 08. Corazon y Fe 09. Vestido de Blanco 10. Tu cancion 11. Soñador 12. Tiempos de Eperanza Link: – Tiempos de Cambio.rar

Seven Year Kismet

4. januára 2010

Seven Year Kismet are a 5 piece metal band hailing from the small Island of Sheppey in the South East of England. The band fully formed in the summer of 2006 and after jamming together for a while & many line up changes they finally settled on the sound and line up they was after, […]