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Seven Year Kismet

Seven Year Kismet are a 5 piece metal band hailing from the small Island of Sheppey in the South East of England. The band fully formed in the summer of 2006 and after jamming together for a while & many line up changes they finally settled on the sound and line up they was after, and began to play live shows and writting new material.

Taking every show they possibly could and rapidly building a strong fanbase Seven Year Kismet soon signed a deal with UK metal label Rising Records in the summer 2007. They spent the rest of 2008 and half of 2008 writting their debut album “Not Without Incident”, while now touring solidly. In July 2008 they recorded their debut album with label owner Mark Daghorn (Cradle Of Filth, One Minute Silence, Raging Speedhorn) in Ipswich. SYK’s album was ten mixed by Karl Groom (Dragonforce, Mendeed, Trigger The Bloodshed).

Since finishing their debut album SYK have been hard at work promoting their fourthcoming album by playing constantly up ad down the country & Europe and touring as much as possible which has seen them knock up over 350 live shows, while being lucky enough to play with some of the finest band around at some of the top venues.


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