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The Pain was so great


Was founded at the end year 2008. Dimz ( UNDERDOG) and Luanang ( Morning Glory ) meet and share the idea to form a new group with the misssion to present uniqe and innovative music with colide and complement with various rock band. And now Satria Awank Asadipta ( Pop Radio ) comes to joint the exoeriment.

The Pain Was So Great ( TPWSG ) present rock music, mostly with a love and ordinary life lyrics. At this moment TPWSG owns five songs in the portfolio. The music and lyrics are fully self created and compiled. Talking about style , TPWSG does not know the right answer , because in every TWSG song you will find many music elements such us Emo, Screemo, Punk, etc. Therefore we think our genre style may represent of ROCK.

This is a short story of TPWSG, we always hope that whatever we do in the future will bring benefit to us and also excitement to all who loves our music.


Lunang Rangga : vocal | song
Dimz From Hell : Guitar | Proggram
Satria Awank Asadipta : Bass

Thank you for your interest on TPWSG

Biru Music Studio, Jl. Cokrobaskoro 50-52, Solo.
Phone : 085640612982
E-mail :
Yahoo Messenger :
Unofficial site :


4 komentáre to “The Pain was so great”

  1. wow!

  2. thankies mate for the review 😀

  3. Keren !!
    TPWSG Goes International !!
    GO GO GO !!

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