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Vidian is a band founded in Bydgoszcz, PL by Mały (drums) and Sinner (lead guitar) in mid 2008. After first joint rehearsal everything went very fast and in early 2009 band prepared some tracks, Sauat – new vocalist – joins the group, later, in March 2009, Vidian finds their bass player – Dexter, and second guitarist – Bilon.

Finally complete, Vidianplays their first gig (with Blindead, Sammath Naur and Mortis Dei) in late March 2009. Straight afterwards, band members enter Invent Sound studio to record their tracksThis demo album is later called “Promo’09”. In the meantime, Vidian plays alongside bands such as Butelka and NOL. Shortly after the recording, bands lineup changes – Sauat leaves (now sings with Down to Concrete), Bilon is replaced by Maniak. Early autumn new “throat” joins the group – Szy. With lineup once more complete, Vidian records the premiere track “Programmed Cell-Death” and plays a well received gig with Blindead, Tides From Nebula and Broken Betty. 5 musicians gathered under name of Vidian still plan to take over the world, so you will definitely hear from and about them very soon.


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