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AS ashes fall

Through the years we remained,we’ve changed our direction musically,mixes hardcore and metal by keeping the directness and aggression of hardcore in tact while packing that metal tightness and punch in our sound. Influenced heavily by the likes of As I Lay Dying, Caliban,I Killed The Prom Queen and even Atreyu.
We are now writing a completely new set of songs, but due to lack of time and several minor problems, line-up changings, we can’t record it yet. However we’ll try to record it as soon as posibble. We invite all to add us to your friendlists and join us getting on that bandwagon; meanwhile…keep on rocking in the free world! Cya soon in a venue nearby!


2 komentáre to “AS ashes fall”

  1. this band rockkkk!!

  2. this band awesome

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