rozhovory, články a všetko o metale


A long time ago. In the town on the Vistula … Good that would not extend:) Slaw “mushroom” guitar solo. Marcin “small” Malecki guitar. Daniel “Bob” Nowakowski bass. Krzysztof “poppies” Makowski gary. And singer Fareduil “Boris” Tusdar.

Common fame and a small play began in the 90 team,, TCHE castle,. The band as it is often collapsed for unknown reasons, so the guys played and toured in successive bands. In 2002 they began to cooperate with the beans in the team, “fog” and remained so until today. In May, the band joined poppies providing earlier in “Tamers widows and orphans” and energetic vokalista: Boris ….


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  1. I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view.

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