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Deathalizer start right were Metallica and Pantera left off, mixing the best elements of groove and thrash metal into an elegant and melodic speed metal experience.   Like their predecessors,  Deathalizer is meant to be experienced live and pride themselves on putting an all out show.   “We see a lot of bands that are too worried about their hardcore image” says Enmanuel Vanderlinder, lead singer of Deathalizer. “That’s fine by us, but we prefer to let the music do the talking. We want you to feel the guitars in your face, the drums in your guts and the bass in your nuts. We are confident that we will succeed at that.”

Audience reactions have been very enthusiastic throughout their shows in the Northeast US area.  “We are mainly fans of thrash metal. We compose and play the music that we would want to hear ourselves as fans. We like to have fun on stage and raise the spirits of the audience. If you are into that, come join us on this ride.” says guitarist Antonio Calaf.

Deathalizer’s debut EP, It Dwells Within, was released in August of 2009. The Ep has received positive reviews.  This band has taken the best things from metal, great riffs, attitude, the sound, and used them to create musical magic, these guys aren’t musicians, they are magicians!”  says the Mayo Music Review.  It Dwells Within is now available for download through the band’s website,

Deathalizer is:

Enmanuel Vanderlinder – vocals, guitar
Antonio Calaf – guitar
Miguel Rodriguez – bass
Dan Fimm- drums

For inquiries:


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