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We have changed our name

to Decimated Existence and will have a new logo and layout up in the next few days. we will also have Decimated Existence page and will be migrating our friends over. Show us your support and give us an add.

Cycle of Descent EP Track list:
1. New Order of the Ages
2. Origins of the Esoteric Order
3. Heretic Scribe
4. In the Wake of Megalodon
5. Godskull
6. The Fallen
7. This Distant Void
8. Apocalypse of Our Extinction
9. Arcane Perception

Aggressive Measures has formed into a new entity known as Decimated Existence. We have grown leaps and bounds with the addition of a new drummer in August and new direction of music including lyrical content. This was a decision that we all felt was best for us and Aggressive Measures. Thanks to past members. We wouldn’t have been Aggressive Measures with you. A MILLION thanks to everyone that has supported Aggressive Measures by coming to our shows, buying merchandise and showing so much love and support. This is an end to one chapter and now we embark on a new journey.

Decimated Existence formed in December 2009 after massive growth in the prior four months. We decided as a collective conscious to rebirth from Aggressive measures into a new existence, a Decimated Existence. Our goal was to write the most brutal death metal to come from Bristol, VA/TN and the Tri-Cities area. We entered Sonic Designs Studio with Mike Stephenson on December 6, 2009 to record “Cycle of Descent” and recorded five songs that day. What you hear is recorded live with very few edits and tracked vocals separately. We wanted our live, raw sound.

Our message is of apocalyptic times to come, lies that have been told for thousands of years by the ones we are suppose to listen to. Ancient cultures that never had contact with each other had the same knowledge that has been taken away from us. Stop listening and start thinking for yourself. Our lyrics play just as big of a part as our music. Please read our lyrics and listen to what we have to say. Thank you for your support!

We have shared the stage with Decrepit Birth, Origin, Augury, Abigail Williams, Graves of Valor, Woe of Tyrants, Carnifex and others.


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