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18. marca 2010

PSILOCYBE LARVAE was formed in January of 1996 in Vyborg. Having gone through several major line-up changes during the bands existence, the only person who remained in the band is the permanent leader Vitaly Belobritsky. After the first demo “Liar” Psilocybe Larvae entered into professional studio in 2007 where the song called “Death Is Not […]


16. marca 2010

1.When was DE formed? We started in December 09 after playing together since August 09 under another name. The new direction and content of our music called for a name change. Decimated Existence was formed as a result of this and shortly there after we entered the studio to record our Cycle of Decent demo. […]

Craniotomy- biography

8. marca 2010

The band Craniotomy was formed in 1998 by R. Halmo – guitar and L.Šiška – drums. A bit later, R.Váry / PYGO – vocals, joins the band. With this lineup, the band plays a few concerts and the 2nd guitar player P. Ondriš joins the band. In the summer of 2000 Craniotomy goes to studio […]

Melody Maker – Mannequine of A Beauty Queen ( Official Video Clip )

6. marca 2010