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1.When was DE formed?

We started in December 09 after playing together since August 09 under another name. The new direction and content of our music called for a name change. Decimated Existence was formed as a result of this and shortly there after we entered the studio to record our Cycle of Decent demo.

2.Who were the incorporators of band?
We were all proprietors in contributing to the founding of Decimated Existence.
3. What is the nucleus of DE?
Four dedicated individuals coming together with similar ideas and visions creating music from the soul trying to relay an important message with our music and lyrical content.

4.You adopted new drummer and changed direction of music. What do u want to change and why?
We all had wanted to play a faster, more technical style of death metal and with our new drummer we have the ability to play what we had wanted to play for awhile now. This was another factor in initiating our name change.

5.What is your lyrics about?
Our lyrics are about the esoteric manipulation of humanity since ancient times dealing with subjects such as Atlantis, secret societies, control of religion, global domination and reaching the higher consciousness.

6.Can you tell us the worst criticism of the band?
So far we have had very positive feedback from everyone. We have gained a lot of new fans and are reaching people from all across the world thanks to the popularity of social networking on the Internet.

7.If yes, are you agree with that?
We accept all criticism in a constructive manner, so we welcome all opinions.

8.Any last words?
We would really like to encourage people to go out and educate yourself on the happenings in the world today. Getting knowledgeable on these things will help arm you for the unbalanced future that lies ahead. We sincerely hope you enjoy our music and message. Thanks for your support. -Decimated Existence




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