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Deprecation was formed in 2009 in Austria by Luki as an one-man project. The musical style is hard to describe, because it contains very different and untypical elements and doesn’t follow any strict rules. Generally it is a mix of Death and Black-Metal and Accoustic-Guitar music with Progressive influences.
On March 1st the first album “Death and Misanthropy” was released. This record contains 12 very different and diversified tracks. The total runtime is about 68 minutes. The album is a self production. Three tracks, which are definitely more Black-orientated, contain Guest-vocals of 2 musicians: The screams on “Mystical Shine” and “Dark Rain” are by Noctar from the Austrian Black-act “Schwarzkristall”, the vox on the opener-track “About Suicide” are from Dominik R. which runs the Progressive-Metal project “Briongloid”. All other vocals, which are more Death-Metal like are done Luki.
Deprecation’s lyrics on “Death and Misanthropy” are primary about Death, Hate and Misanthropy but also about Evil Mights and Depressions. Some songtexts are very critical against many problems, for example the destructive and egoistic human-way of life.
Two songs, which style is very inspired by Accoustic-Guitar music are only instrumental.

Luki is also known as “Abyssus”, the Bass-player of the Black-Metal Band “Schwarzkristall”. Another band where he is involved, is the crust punk band “Indoctrinate”. Both bands are from Austria.

Deprecation is working again on the material, so there is something coming…

Deprecation are:
Luki – Vocals, Guitars&Bass, Drum-Programming, Production & Design

2010 – CD “Death and Misanthropy” (Self Production)

Band info & contact:

Deprecation has no label


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