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Herfst official Biography

Herfst has always been about synergy.

Ever since H e r f s † was summoned from the abyss in 1999, an organic fusion of metallic elements has been the essence of the music. While composing straight from their dark hearts, the morbid material H e r f s † delivers also honours the illustrious pallbearers of black, death, thrash and horror metal. With this combination of old and new, H e r f s † are sure to leave their black marks on stages throughout Europe.

After numerous line-up changes H e r f s † seem to have found a truly necrotic synergy. Founding member Bram delivers most of the melodies on his 7-string mind and guitarist Christophe churns out the tight rhythmic bile that accompanies them. Bassist Kurt spews forth the pulsations from the beyond, while Ruben hammers away on his unholy drum kit. Void is responsible for the vocal torment but is fed up with performing live. Dietwin joins the deathcult in february 2009 and consolidates the line-up with his passionate and skilful delivery.

The band takes pride in their work and tries to make each live performance a memorable one. H e r f s † have shared stages with great acts such as In Quest, Scarve, Anorexia Nervosa, Horna, Thanatos, Thurisaz, Vital Remains, Textures, Behemoth, …

The new record

the band is proud to announce the birth of a new era ànd line-up by recording Necrotica at the Split Second Studios (Textures, Kingfisher Sky, In Quest, the Lucifer Principle)

N e c r o t i c A is their most varied, their darkest, their most adventurous and rich endeavour to date. It features textured atmospheres, layered guitars, intricate melodies, skilled soloing, extensive horror lyrics and of course a tight and powerful production. H e r f s † hopes you will like these 8 new tracks, hopes give them all a thorough listen and welcomes you to one of the shows. Rock and roll!


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