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PANDEMONIUM- official biography


The group was originally formed during the autumn of 1989 under the name PANDEMONIUM. The founders were PAUL (guitar, vocal) and PETER (percussion) who was also called ZUBER. During that time there were no music bands of this nature in Poland and in the West there was only SAMAEL, CELTIC FROST and BATHORY. The lack of such bands was the reason why they gained so many fans. In December of 1990 PANDEMONIUM registered its first material which was recorded in the hall of rehearsals, Reh Tape. It contains four recordings, three of them were original compositions by PANDEMONIUM, and the fourth being a cover of SAMAEL “Into the Pentagram”. The material was recorded with the participation of a bassist, SIMON, who later became a regular member of the group. As a trio PANDEMONIUM gave many gigs all over the country, also in Switzerland. There was a great deal of talk and many articles written about the group. After several concerts PANDEMONIUM became one of the most popular bands in Poland right next to KAT, IMPERATOR and VADER. The end result was a contract with CARNAGE Records.

The band’s first officially published material was a demo called “Devilri”. It was recorded in Olsztyn, during the winter of 1992. The six songs that the album contained took on an almost religious characteristic for many people. The tens of thousands of copies sold made it the best selling demo in the world, which was a great achievement in those days. A huge advertising campaign further aroused people’s interest in PANDEMONIUM. After the next round of concerts it was high time they recorded a full-length album. At the time SIMON, the bassist, left the band and the support of their producers CARNAGE came to an end. They signed a new bassist, JACK, was from the Plock group HAZAEL, and BARON Records filled the void that CARNAGE left. Composed in this manner, PANDEMONIUM entered the Warsaw studio IZABELIN and recorded “The Ancient Catatonia”.

That time brought many changes, ZUBER has died KAROL from IMPERATOR took over drums… PANDEMONIUM gained a second guitarist, QUACK, from the Warsaw group HATE. The whole album was published in 1994 and had a premiere in Zabrze at the music festival METALMANIA, where such bands as MORBID ANGEL, SAMAEL, and CANNIBAL CORPSE performed. This concert was the culminating point for the whole existence of PANDEMONIUM.

A few months later as Domain, the group entered a studio in Lodz to record new material under the title “Pandemonium”. MORBID NOIZZ Records published the album, which came out at the end of 1995 and was the last material the group recorded during that period. Troubles with the composition of the group forced PAUL to suspend the band’s activities. Three years passed then PAUL got a call from his old pal Mittloff from HATE. “What do you think about reactivating DOMAIN?” Mittloff asked. That’s how the material for the new album “From Oblivion” originated. The title considers the whole confusion with PANDEMONIUM and DOMAIN. “… From Oblivion…” was recorded in the Warsaw studio SERAKOS by PAUL (guitar, vocal), Mittloff (percussion), MIKE (bass), and DOMINIC (second guitar). The album was released in March of 2000 edited by APOCALYPSE Productions. The bands first concert since reactivation took place in club Riff-Raff in Lodz.

After a few months DOMINIC left the group and V-AC took his place. With that make-up they toured Poland together with CHRIST AGONY and SUPREME LORD…

During the spring of 2002 DOMAIN entered studio SERAKOS yet again to record a sensational new album “GAT ETEMMI” which features guest appearances by Robert Srzednicki (keyboards) and Ewa Frakstein (angelvoice). The album was highly valued even by old fans of PANDEMONIUM, though a considerable amount of electronic sounds.

After a little break PAUL decided to record a new material. The Band finally changed its name back for PANDEMONIUM. No more DOMAIN, PANDEMONIUM has come back on the stage. It was not a simple continuation of the group..s previous achievements, but a natural evolution rather, following Gat Etemmi with dark industrial influences sound. The new material was released in November 2004, titled – “The Zonei” that met with very positive opinions in metal zines. A new stage of Pandemonium existance brings some musical and personal changes. PAUL and MIKE remain from the old constitution, MARK succeeds to sampler, synth and a second guitar… Pandemonium was on the Tour with Behemoth and Frontside, Mystic Production was the organizer and album producer.

Some time has passed and PANDEMONIUM started to compose a new material. This time new conception has appeared – back to roots following glamorous times of an old school of black/death metal from “Devilri” and a power of “Gat Etemmi”. New drummer and bass guitarist (Simon and Michael from NIHILIST, ALIENACJA ) joined the band which played lots of gigs in Polish clubs and took part as the headliner in prestigeous fests like MAAGAL FEST, STRASHYDELKO, BLACKSTOCK , MYSTIC FESTIVAL (WITH SUCH A BANDS LIKE SLAYER ,CELTIC FROST, BEHEMOTH). All gigs met with a great welcoming from fans as well as new songs that were presented. “Hellspawn” has been recorded in Serakos Studio with Mystic Productions as a producer. The band also made a clip to “Hypnotic Dimesion” which is included into new album.


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